As your Board Member, I will work together with teachers, administrators, staff, and families to advocate for:

  • All children to have access to computers and the internet at home.
  • Small class sizes and equity among schools to be achieved and maintained.
  • All children to benefit from a balanced curriculum that includes art, music, physical education, science and technology.
  • Class-size reduction and certified tutors to help schools who serve a large population of low-income families.


As your Board Member, I pledge to:

  • Represent all constituents and children in the District with integrity, fortitude, and unwavering courage.
  • Ensure ESL students achieve success through a multi-tiered system of language and academic development.
  • Work to provide after-school programs that give all students a safe and productive environment.
  • Support anti-discrimination policies across the board.


I believe in resource allocation based on an individual child's needs. As such, I will work to ensure:

  • Children have access to differentiated instruction and additional services according to their needs.
  • All low-income students receive academic preschool, academic summer school, before-school breakfast and after-school homework assistance.
  • Social workers are assigned to assist families in obtaining medical, dental, and other services based on needs of the child.
  • Children who have physical or learning challenges will receive what they need to not only thrive, but fully contribute to their education. 


As a good steward of your vote, I will commit to serving as the community's trustee advocating for all students' best interests and holding stakeholders accountable by:

  • Maintaining a stable financial foundation for the District with an open and prudent budget process.
  • Supporting environmentally friendly policies, healthy food programs, and school safety programs.
  • Advocating for the provision of psychological services and social/emotional learning experiences for all children.
  • Ensuring local union labor is contracted for all applicable JCPS building and maintenance projects.


As someone who appreciates the unique position of our elected school boards as a vehicle for community control of local schools, I will:

  • Foster a spirit of mutual respect and focus on what is best for children among my fellow Board members and within the administrative team.
  • Foster community involvement through district committees, events, public meetings, and online resources.
  • Advocate for an open and transparent process of student/family choice and advance placement assignments.
  • Defend public schools as a critical institution and fight for control of JCPS to remain within the community, knowing that we are best positioned to grow and strengthen the quality of our children's education.


I will listen, seek information, involve all stakeholders and work to build a consensus on the issues that matter to all by:

  • Encouraging an evidence-based and data-driven approach to decision making at all levels.
  • Providing appropriate professional development for teachers and administrators while respectfully including them in the curricular decision-making process.

District 4 Schools


Cane Run Elementary

Crums Lane Elementary

Dixie Elementary

Eisenhower Elementary

Greenwood Elementary

Gutermuth Elementary

Jacob Elementary

Johnsontown Road Elementary

Kerrick Elementary

Layne Elementary

Mill Creek Elementary

Sanders Elementary

Schaffner Traditional Elementary

Shacklette Elementary

Stonestreet Elementary

Trunnell Elementary

Watson Lane Elementary

Wellington Elementary

Wilkerson Traditional Elementary


Conway Middle

Farnsley Middle

Frost Sixth-Grade Academy

Stuart Middle


Butler Traditional High

Doss High

Pleasure Ridge Park High

Valley High

Western High


Riverport Education Center

Waller-Williams Environmental